Authenticity of the walls

The other side of Wielka Odrzańska, opening onto the city centre, attracts the eye with its details, which longingly refer to the old buildings of Szczecin known from archival photographs.

Unique cornices and finish casings bring back the magic of old tenement houses. But there’s something more hidden inside.
The spirit of times and place. Here, history is visible from the very foundations, which date back to XV- XVII century.

Vast blueness

Respect for the surroundings and understanding of the context
make sure that the investment is of a timeless nature. From the side of the Nabrzeże Wieleckie, there are fancy glass facades of Wielka Odrzańska, which immerse themselves in the blueness of the sky and the river.

Large glass spaces, which are in perfect composition with the landscape of the coast, create easily recognizable body of the building. Viewed from the inside, from the perspective of future owners, it proves how important the element of water, the source of freedom and the world, has been to the project creators.

Glass spaces in contrast with elaborate elevation from brick and ceramic tiles create an intriguing combination of textures.

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