Wielka Odrzańska is a project
defined by its unique
location, placed in the very heart of Szczecin, in a picturesque vicinity of boulevards of the Odra river and historical buildings of the Old Town. On the one side it’s immersed in the relaxing stream of the river, on the other bustling with the energy of the city.


  • The building consists of a usable basement, the ground floor, three floors and a usable attic.
  • There are two lifts connecting each floor included in the building design.
  • Large commercial premises and apartments of different floor space have been designed.
  • Commercial premises and apartments have been designed as light, modern, and spacey, with the view of the Odra River or nearby stylish tenement houses.
  • The elevation from the side of the Wielka Odrzańska will include a subtle detail referring to the historical composition known from archival photographs (cornices, finish casings).

  • From the side of Mała Odrzańska street, the elevation of tenement houses has been designed using ceramic tiles, face bricks, unclad, contrasted with a large amount of glass in dark aluminium frames.
  • Beautiful remnants of the basements in the investment located under the ground level constitute a historical part of Szczecin, rich in terms of architecture.
  • Two entrances to the building from Wielka Odrzańska street (from the Old Town) and Mała Odrzańska street (from the Odra River).
  • The reception desk in the main hall.
  • Rooms with air-conditioning.

Find your
place and time

LafHome by Lafrentz offers
complex renovation,
construction and development services.

The complex nature of the company is shown by its ability to offer support in obtaining permits and required documents, carrying out investments with the inclusion of all necessary industries, taking care of material deliveries, furnishing, providing care of the Project Manager and general cleaning after renovation.

The company addresses its offer to individual clients and companies.
The company has prepared its “turnkey” offer for the owners
of the apartments in the development stage,
offering them special renovation and interior design packages.

e-mail: biuro@lafhome.pl

Architecture creates the vibe

The other side of Wielka Odrzańska, opening on the city centre,
attracts the eye with its details meticulously
referring to the old buildings of Szczecin
known from archival photographs.


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